Welcome to AquaPark.io, a.k.a. the best water slide adventure! Get ready now for a crazy aquapark adventure, even in cold weather! In this fun racing game, your objective is so simple. Just as in any racing game, you should come first! But this time you will be racing by flowing on the water and enjoy the sea view all around you! Let's start the game then!

In this amazing racing game, all you should do is to slide through the aquapark and take out other players. Use your arrow keys to move around the slide and, once you're close, just push the others off of it. But don't forget that you can be the one who is pushed while getting close to another player as well. On your way to finishing the race, you will see many obstacles. Some of them will slow you down, while others can make you fall from the slide. You can direct your character into the slide again if you are lucky enough! If you can finish the race, you will earn coins in the game. You can use your earnings to unlock other character options. The first one to dive into the pool wins and gets the biggest reward! Good luck and have fun!

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DRA developed this game.

Release Date

August 12, 2019


  • Slide racing theme
  • Challenging adventures to discover
  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Fun character options


You can use left and right arrows to direct your character.