A prison filled with dangerous inmates trying to escape is one of the worst places to be as a guard but in Money Movers 3, take your loyal guard dog and put an end to this prison break. These criminals might think they can intimidate you with their tattooed arms and tough faces but get ready to see them crying in fear when your trusted canine companion corners them. Take control of the guard and his dog and show those prisoners that theyre not going anywhere on your watch!

For the first time in the Money Movers series, change sides and take control of a guard and his companion guard dog and try to stop inmates from escaping from the prison in this third game. Similar to the other titles in this addictive series, the prison is filled with security cameras, laser detectors, platforms, and many other puzzle pieces. The guard and the dog have different uses and you need to control them both to complete each level. As the player, your objective is to apprehend every inmate in each level. These are the most dangerous prisoners and they will not stop easily. If you approach an inmate only with the guard character, theyll beat you up and youll lose the game. To successfully put these criminals in chains, you need the help of your dog. Control both of the characters to solve the puzzles, move the platforms, and clear a path to the prisoners. Take the dog to the prisoners first to make them surrender in fear and then you can bind them with your guard. Similar to the other Money Movers games, there are money bags in each level that you should collect to unlock subsequent levels. Keep your guard up and maintain order!

Want to switch the roles and challenge yourself as you try to escape from prison? Then start your prison break with the first game in this popular series, Money Movers 1. Have fun!


Money Movers 3 is developed by Meow Beast.

Release Date

November 2017


  • Control a prison guard and his guard dog
  • 20 levels
  • 2D graphics
  • Entertaining puzzles


Use the arrow keys to control the dog. Use the WASD keys to control the guard.


Can I play Money Movers 3 online?

Yes, you can play Money Movers 3, and all of the other titles of the series online at Kizi.

What are the other Money Movers games?

  1. Money Movers 1
  2. Money Movers 2
  3. Money Movers 3
  4. Money Movers Maker

Can I play Money Movers 3 on mobile devices?

Yes, you can play Money Movers 3 and the other games of the series on your mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

Can I play Money Movers 3 with a friend?

Yes! Money Movers 3 can be played solo, but you can also play it with a friend by sharing a keyboard. Each of you can take control of a character, and try to solve puzzles together!

When was Money Movers 3 released?

This game was released in November 2017.