Super Oscar invites you to a colorful world filled with various enemies and obstacles. Our main character is so sure of himself about beating all the odds and completing all the levels. Will you join him on this dangerous journey?

Featuring multiple challenging levels, the fun and danger never end in this game. Your objective in this platformer is pretty simple! All you try to do is to complete each level by defeating or avoiding all the enemies and tackling all the obstacles to reach the finish. With his big arms and the keen look on his face, Oscar is ready to go! Use the arrow keys to move him around, and press SPACEBAR to jump. You'll see bricks and blocks hanging in the air. Jump while you're under them to hit those with your head to break them. Some blocks will give you coins and others power-ups. Look out for gaps between the platforms! Jump above them, or you'll fall and die. If the gap is a wide one, you can press the SPACEBAR while in the air to perform a double jump! You'll also see lots of gold coins around in each level. Try your best to collect all of these, as you can spend them unlock different things from the in-game shop! Have fun playing!

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Chorrus Games developed Super Oscar.

Release Date

November 16, 2020


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Multiple different levels to complete
  • Intuitive controls
  • Different types of enemies to defeat
  • Various characters, skill, powers, and costumes to buy from the in-game shop


Use the arrow keys to move, press the SPACEBAR to jump.