Build your farm piece by piece in Royal Ranch Merge & Collect! Step into a magical world of animals; here, you can have everything as long as you know the recipe. Start with rocks and pebbles, and quickly fill your farm with exotic birds, adorable housecats, and much more!

Escape the noisy city life and start your days in the countryside! This adventure offers an addictive experience in the heart of nature and a view on a fun evolution journey! You can take your first steps by generating your first two items and merging them. At the bottom, you have a total of five tabs. Click on the one in the middle to see your current objectives and collect your first reward. You can come back here regularly to claim your bonuses so that you can advance in the game by buying the necessary boosters. Go to the tab on its right to see the upgrades. You can buy the upgrade at the top to generate items at a higher level. Check the other options to decrease the energy recovery timespan or increase your chance of randomly getting extra items at higher levels. Keep buying upgrades to unlock more species, and claim all gifts!

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Azerion Casual Games developed Royal Ranch Merge & Collect.

Release Date

June 14, 2023


  • Nice colorful graphics
  • Surprise treasure chests
  • Ad rewards
  • Unlockable upgrades
  • Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.