Roll around in the fluffy snow and win this fun challenge in Snowball Racing! This game is the dream of the child inside all of us. You only need to walk around making a huge snowball, so let’s see how things will go!

You are put in a group of three funky stickmen in this game. The other two are your rivals and you need to be faster than them in making snowballs. Thankfully, you have a huge arena that is divided into different platforms covered in snow. You will simply drag the cursor around to skate through the platform and cumulate snow in your hands. You need these snowballs since you will use the snow to build the way in front of you to pass from one platform to other and eventually reach the finish line of the level. You should be faster than your rivals to win the game. The stickman that has a bigger snowball always can hit the others making them fall and get their snowball. So, be careful about your rivals, and maybe try this tactic to become the king of the snowy roads!

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2Play developed Snowball Racing.

Release Date

December 07, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Relaxing gameplay with a winter atmosphere

• Skins to unlock

• Start big option available


Drag the cursor through the platform to move the character.